Mr. Sanjay Gupta

The Chairman

It is with great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction that we have concluded yet another year of encouraging results. Despite difficult trading conditions, APL Apollo has strived to supersede its previous records of highest sales. We have concluded 2018 with an outstanding performance. These results are further a source of encouragement and indicative of the future growth prospects of our company. We are looking forward to achieving internal production capacity of 2 Million Metric ton per annum by the end of current fiscal year. We also foresee the continuation of a strong demand for our products, as our brands have become a household name. Our approach towards our products has come a long way through experience within the industry; our products have evolved from a mere commodity and have found myriad uses in various upcoming industries. This approach is further helping us develop into a solution based company.

Being a market trendsetter, we always strive to consistently spot the underlying potential and seize the opportunity by making better choices, with our undying efforts; we hope and expect to see India as an apex manufacturer of Steel tubes.

Real growth lies in contributing to the overall growth in the industry. I am proud to share that the past three decades have been all about introducing a range of new products, improvising quality, increasing productivity and eventually making a dent in the steel pipe business.

The role of Steel has been significant in our country’s growth in past decade, and consumption of steel is one of the important factors linked to growth of GDP. According to the trend observed, the global consumption of steel is 1500 Million ton per annum where China being the leader is able to manufacture and consume 800 MTPA.

The consumption of steel is expected to grow by 12.5%and as leaders; I see enormous potential in placing India on the global map. The scope of new possibilities and innovations is enormous.

With consistent marketing efforts, we have been able to establish a notable name in the consumer forefront as well.
As pioneers in Innovation, we firmly understand the need of the society and we are constantly thriving to achieve the same over decades. In the previous financial year, the Company made a contribution of Rs. 1.01 crore to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for Education of Poor Children, Rs. 0.11 crore to World Hope Foundation and Rs. 0.015 crore to U.P. Science Centre, Jhansi as a part of the CSR activity.

We have also donated Rs. 1crore for Kerala Relief fund and food for people of Kerala. In FY 19-20, our major initiative will be to take care of the kids of APL Apollo’s associates ensuring better health and education to them.

Growth of business is as important as conserving the nature, hence APL Apollo believes in making transformational changes to cater to the demands of an ever-evolving democracy by constantly innovating and introducing cutting-edge technology. Our portfolio of products which consists of door frames and window frames aim at replacing wooden structures by steel since wood has been a standard building material for centuries.

Global warming and deforestation requires wood-alternatives. The products are not only environment friendly but also cost-effective. Other products like Hybrid pipes, TriCoat Pipes are developed to address the concern of rural people where their health is involved. With these pipes we can eradicate the problem of water with lead.

Vision 2020

Our Vision 2020 is built on four pillars: Building and nurturing a high performance team through attracting, developing and retaining the best talents. Becoming the undisputed market leader through exceptional customer service, exploiting the current business opportunities and exploring new avenues to maximize revenues.

To be able to stand tall amidst adversities and to live your convictions and know that your actions and beliefs have transformed the lives of millions is humbling and an enriching experience. My company is indeed privileged to be able to make a difference, and be recognised for the contribution it makes.