Pre Galvanised Tube

Pre-Galvanised Tube

MS Galvanised Sheets are used to manufacture these GP Tubes which are highly durable, stable and adhere to a long sustainability without atmospheric corrosion.

Atmospheric and corrosive environment prevailing at individual sites are the guiding factors that determine the thickness of the coating to be provided to galvanised tubes. The complete look & finish is aesthetically controlled at APL Apollo’s in house galvanising facility.

Since these tubes have a homogeneous coating all through, these can easily withstand any mechanical deformation without affecting their zinc coating to alter the parent material.


Round Tube (CHS):
20.4 OD-86 OD
Thickness Range :
0.8 mm-3.2 mm
Length :
4.0 m -12 m
Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) :
26 mm X 13 mm – 100 mm X 50 mm
Thickness :
0.8 mm-3.2 mm
4.0 m to 12 m
Square Hollow Sections (SHS) :
12 mm X 12 mm – 75 mm X 75 mm
Thickness :
0.8 mm-3.2 mm
4.0 m to 12 m


  • Fencing
  • Cabling and Ducting
  • Automotive (Bus Body)
  • Greenhouse Structures.
  • Gates and Grills
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Scaffolding

Product Specifications